Tears in Taos 3

April 28, 2016  |  Fantasy  |  Share

One more element needed to be put in place. In a roundabout fashion, Connie asked for a meeting with Patricio, asking him to keep this arrangement in confidence. Puzzled, Patricio agreed. He was very fond of Ramon, but already felt the man was stricter with his daughter than necessary. Perhaps Connie needed some advice now that she was graduating.

They met at Patricio’s office in the hotel. Once she was seated, Connie got right to the point.

“Did you know my father has plans for us to marry?” she asked.

Patricio’s mouth fell open. “Good heavens, no. He does speak a lot to me about you, but it’s always positive.”

“Yes,” Connie tossed her head impatiently, “because he thinks by talking me up you’ll be all the more eager to take me off his hands.”

“Well, I didn’t know … ”

“You know now, and what are we going to do about it? I’m sure your friend who works over at the museum wouldn’t like what he’s planning.”

Patricio wondered for a moment how Connie had learned about his lady friend. Estella was getting a divorce, so they’d been very careful in their socializing. Ramon knew nothing of his friend’s interest. In fact, Patricio realized now in hindsight that maybe he should have seen this coming. What could be done to squelch such an uncomfortable situation?

Connie told him in very precise detail what he had to do. She laid out the campaign with a very general-like precision. On this Saturday, there was a fundraising dance at the Taos Hotel. Patricio would ask Connie to attend, and also inform Ramon of his intentions. Once Connie had outlined the rest of the plot, Patricio was left shaking his head in mingled dismay and admiration. Frankly, it was time his good friend had a shake-up. This was the twenty-first century, not the old days!

Patricio told Ramon of his invitation to Connie over their Thursday night drink. Ramon was delighted. Matters were falling out just as he’d figured. Now that Connie was done with school, Patricio was looking her over and the rest would come quickly. The girl was as beautiful as her mother. Ramon would enjoy his grandsons very much.

When he arrived home for dinner, Cook informed him that Connie had a headache, and gone to her room to sleep. Somehow, the next morning, she didn’t show up for breakfast. Ramon had to wait until dinner that night to mention what he’d learned.

(continued next week)

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