Fact or Fiction?

March 4, 2016  |  Fact  |  Share

Fact or Fiction? Some people have been muttering about the ethnic American Indian market being at a crossroads. Dealers are complaining about one-time purchasers — customers who buy during a visit, but then plan to go on to other travels and interests. Some collectors complain about young people being too interested in electronics to develop a passion for Native arts. Does this mean that the Native art market is in peril? The truth may lie somewhere between fact and fiction; times inevitably do change, tastes can be altered, but too much “same old, same old” will provoke change for sure. I am beginning to worry that the Native market is not in flux as much as it should be. Economic uncertainty can breed caution, but any artists, no matter their ethnicity, who just don’t move forward with creative design will see their following drop…

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